X360/PS3 version 1.04 Changelog:

* Vines now grow correctly
* Stacks of 999 in chests now save correctly
* Fixed Glass Wall recipe requiring 18 Glass
* Fixed incorrect rendering of textures on 4:3 screens
* Fixed Hallowed Armor not having glow effect
* Fixed incorrect light emission from Orb of Light / Shadow Orb
* Fixed deleting wrong character when hardcore character dies
* Fixed infinite Light Disc bug
* Fixed Fairy Bell not showing a timer
* Fixed unable to join Split-screen games bug

* Improved Multi-Player stability
* Improved Multi-Player invite lookup
* Display time of Death Messages has been shortened
* (X360) Added fail-safe to prevent the game getting stuck in Trial
* (PS3) Added Cloud-saving functionality for Cross-Save to Vita
* (PS3) Added Cross-Play support with Vita


X360/PS3 version 1.03 Changelog:

* Fixed Water/Lava rendering bugs
* Fixed Unable to mine Dungeon Brick
* Fixed Crafting Interface bugs
* Fixed Grid Rendering when Ruler was equiped
* Fixed Font rendering bug when going from split- to full screen
* Fixed Death Messages bug
* Fixed Music Box bug
* Fixed Platinum Coin stacking bug
* You can no longer defeat EoW with the Silver Mirror
* NPC (de)buffs time out properly

* Character Selection UI has been improved
* Quick Access shortcuts UI has been improved
* Quick Access shortcuts are now saved
* Network protocols have been improved
* Improved graphics rendering (no lossy compression for tiles)
* Leaderboards UI is now more consistent with other UI
* It is no longer possible to hack worlds by loading PC data
* (X360) World generation / Splitscreen performance improved
* (X360) Improved lighting
* (X360) Improved friend game search
* (X360) Splitscreen players can leave through the pause menu
* (X360) Join through presence only allowed for friends
* (PS3) Sound effect pitching/panning improvements
* (PS3) Improved message box
* (PS3) King Statue also affects Santa

* Campfire
* Stained glass (various colors)
* Wood Armor set
* Cactus Armor set
* Cactus Pickaxe
* Cactus Sword
* New Sun and Moon graphics
* New Furnace and Hellforge graphics
* Updated Biome backgrounds to 1.2 backgrounds
* Updated sparkle effect on certain ores/treasures
* Updated sparkle effect of water / animated water
* Stack size for certain items has been increased to 999
* Life Crystal / Shadow Orb now animate
* Zombies now spawn in random sizes and model
* Demon Eyes now spawn in random sizes and model

* Fabulous Vanity set
* George's Vanity set
* Sparkly Wings


Known Issues (post 1.04):

* [VITA] Zooming in does not zoom/reposition NPC flags in houses ** FIXED **
* [VITA] Using the Magic Mirror does not disable touch ** FIXED **
* [VITA] Reforging item-dupe bug when using touch
* [VITA] Hidden inventory slot exists ** FIXED **
* [VITA] Moving an item sometimes does not move the item while dragging
* [VITA] Cloth banners (that you make at the loom) have black pixels at the bottom
* Sometimes using auto-fill with a chest, coins are put in the chest as well ** FIXED **
* Reading signs or tombstones crashes the game (confirmed on PS3 and Vita) ** FIXED **
* Vines don't grow in underground Jungle Biomes *FIXED
* Queen Statue activation can freeze the game *FIXED
* Dirt Rod does not function correctly ** FIXED **
* Death messages often don't say anything other than the player name ** FIXED **
* Music boxes "high light" outline is corrupt ** FIXED **
* Chest Dupe bug still exists ** FIXED **
* Stained Glass walls do not count as walls for NPC housing ** FIXED **
* Fairy Bell timer is 59s instead of 5 minutes ** FIXED **
* Timer highlights are kinda funky looking
* Crystal Storm can't get Mythical prefix
* Aqua Scepter can't get Mythical prefix (unconfirmed)
* When playing online unable to assign NPCs to houses
* Ocram bounding box seems to be off ** FIXED **
* Ocram's Souls of Blight drop to the ground ** FIXED **
* [TROPHY]: Back for Seconds trophy seems to not register for a lot of players ** FIXED
* [TROPHY]: Smelting 20,000 bars trophy seems to not register for a lot of players
* [TROPHY]: Collect all armors trophy does not count new 1.2 armors ** FIXED **
* Sometimes chests become unusable (save-file size related?)

Feature Requests:

* [PS3] Calibration/Sensitivty setting
* [VITA] Use UP on left-stick to Jump
* [VITA] Option to turn back touch on and off ** ADDED **
* Store mini-map data for visited worlds (this is being looked at) ** ADDED **
* Ability to kick players in Multi-player games (this is being looked at)
* Add banners for Console-exclusive mobs ** ADDED **
* Option to switch L1 and X (Jump/Grapple)
* Add "head icon" for Bosses when they move off screen.

Terraria (c) 2011/2013 Re-Logic Inc., Terraria PS3, Terraria X360 and Terraria Vita published by 505 Games Inc.,
Developed by Engine Software. All Rights Reserved.