PVP corps within the Sacr4ment Alliance is where all the action is at! We protect our industrial assets and people, fight wars, bash structures and roam the low-sec areas around us. If you are interested in blowing up stuff, this is the place for you to be. With enough growth we will also organize special roams into WH and Null-Sec space. Even if you plan to spend just a bit of time PVPing but doing other activities most of the time, it would be best to apply to our PVP corps since it influences training choices more than other branches.

It is important to note that PVP usually has higher demands of its pilots than (most) other branches, especially our high-end doctrines require specific training that is not cheap nor fast. Another thing worth mentioning is that every pilot in the alliance, regardless of role or preferred playing style will have to train in some of the most basic PVP ships. When the alliance or alliance assets need to be defended, everyone must be willing and able to participate. Once you join, we will have information about our doctrines and training plans available. Don't be put off by 'demands' on you as a pilot, the entire alliance will be there to help you achieve these goals.

There are no SP limits for pilots to apply, however for the PVP corps we will not accept alpha clones. You can start the application process by reaching out to one of the recruiters for PVP:

Yashal III Khanid

Sacrament of Industry


Cpt Flintstone

Radial Out